Good health enriches your life experience, but wellness encompasses more than a target weight and a lack of illness.


It’s about being healthy in diet and exercise and sleep. Feeling fit gives you an advantage in a fast-moving world filled with challenges. It’s also about knowing and meeting the demands of your profession. These include healthy ergonomics for your long-term posture and mobility. Wellness includes nutrition in a busy office. It includes the stress of team dynamics. It includes what happens at home that impacts your work performance (special needs children, divorce, financial strain, etc.). Different seasons of practice and life will present different wellness needs—think starting a practice and raising small children, compared to retiring and facing new health and life challenges. 

Wellness also has a spiritual and relational component to it. It’s not about perfection. It’s about being equipped to handle the imperfections inherit in life. Whether you are pursuing improvement from a positive motivation and looking for new ideas and challenges or whether you are struggling in an area and looking for some helpful tools to regain your footing, we hope this site becomes a home you visit often. We aspire to make this wellness community a valued benefit of membership.





Our approach to resources is similar to a museum curator role. We don’t have the personnel and time nor the need to recreate the wheel. There are gobs of wellness options in this growing field. What we wish to provide are the more dental related resources. Tools that could impact your profession daily. Sharing within the family so to speak. Sure there are universal motivations and benefits that go beyond dentistry and we will have those as well. 


  • Be sure to watch for weekly tips.

  • Participate in our lifestyle surveys to get a real glimpse of everyday habits. 

  • Compete in our challenges individually or as an office team to build comradery and have fun. 

  • Make this site what you want and need. 

  • Hit the "Share A Resource" button to share your idea, story or resource.


The links and resources below are a starting point. They will be added to and edited as needed. Growth will occur organically over time. Tell us what helps you and we will try to connect you to an online resource and hopefully credible resources in your area as well. You can read and digest on your own or reach out to us for more custom solutions. However you approach it, just know we are here for you and want to help you on your wellness journey. 



The DWBF is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation created by the Missouri Dental Association.

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