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Managing Stress as a New Dentist  

Between finding a job, handling student debt loans, and also managing a practice, new dentists can face an ocean of stress. The key to managing stress successfully is to first recognize and understand its causes. The good news is that there are many steps you can take TODAY to manage the impact of stress on your dental practice and general well-being. Learn how your fellow dentists practice stress relief strategies.

The ADA Center for Professional Success is one resource new dentists can use to find expert information and advice regarding stress in their dental practice management:

Stop stress before it stops you with these resources:



​Today we’re becoming more aware of what we’re putting in our bodies. A large portion of the worlds diet includes a variety of chemicals, added sugars, salts, and preservatives. Much of it is “engineered” to produce greater yield. Gastroenterologist Dr. Fred Miller provides a very informative look at this in his presentation: “Eating Healthy in a Toxic World”. Dr. Stephen Matthews, a DWBF Board member, attended this CE session and desired to share its information with visitors to the site to encourage thought and discussion about improving wellness through dietary changes.

Originally presented at the 2016 MDA Winter Session by DWBF Board member, Tricia Houlihan who is a Certified Health Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She shares tipcs for creating a healthy and well balanced diet; shares healthy snacks that are easy make, take and share at the office; and discusses how to burn extra calories, by making every step count!


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