by Rebecca A. Mowen, LCSW, CADC, BRI

Well Being Program Administrator


Written January 2016


The Internet, Google and other search engines have become the answer for everything. “Just Google it” is a common phrase. We all know that Wikipedia may not be our best source, but it usually is the first source listed, so we click on it.


A recent article in the Fix, a treatment oriented publication, talked about the current bait and switch tactics going on in the Internet marketing for behavioral health treatment facilities. Just Google treatment for alcohol in your area and the first several sites will be targeted to get you to call a toll-free number that sends you to a call center. The operator will direct you to treatment centers (usually not in your area) that have paid to be on their site. It is a great marketing tool, however, it does not mean that the treatment center is where you need to go, that they are reputable, that they are cost effective or that they are going to provide the level of care that you or your loved one needs.


Last week, I received a call from a dentist who needed help for his son. He said he knew about the Well Being Program and wanted to know if we could help. I met with he and his son to do a brief assessment and made a referral to a local therapist. I received a call from hygienist who knew of the Well Being Program whose daughter was having issues in school. I did a phone conference with her, researched her area of the state, talked to local resources and made a referral to a local facility.


As you have been hearing in past Focus articles, the Dental Well Being Foundation (DWBF) has revised their mission statement to include the aforementioned services and many more for the entire dental family. The new mission statement is to promote a healthy dental professional, dental team and their families by providing education, resources and support.


The goal of the DWBF is to move beyond the 10 percent of the dental community that has had all the focus and broaden that to focus on the wellness of the entire dental community. Why? Because it is the right thing to do! No one lives in a vacuum, and every action you do affects another. If you attended last year’s MDA Winter Session and saw Dr. Jim Nail’s presentation on ergonomics, or if you participated in the House of Delegates fitness walk or if you counted your steps at MOMOM, you know that DWBF is focusing on physical wellness. And, we are pleased to announce that this year’s Winter Session will focus on nutrition.


We want to be the dental community’s resource for appropriate referrals in your area. So if anyone in your dental family has a need for a great massage, nutritionist, therapist or treatment, we want you to call us instead of “just Googling it.”


As we continue to grow, we need your help. If you know of good resources in your community, please let us know, so we can increase our database to better serve the dental community of Missouri. You can send any recommendations to me at or to


At a recent meeting at the ADA, it was mentioned that other states are also moving more toward prevention and wellness. Let’s be the leaders and be the “Show Them” state.


And in case you were wondering, all calls are confidential.



The Internet, Google and other search engines have become the answer for everything.


'Just Google it' is a common phrase.



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