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Dental Well Being Foundation + Voluntary Wellness Program 

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The MDA Mission Statement is “Helping All Members Succeed.” Experiencing wellness is a key part of this success, as is recovering from substance abuse and mental health issues.


Dental Well Being Foundation

To help augment funding so the MDA could better serve its members, the Dental Well Being Foundation was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)3 charitable foundation of the MDA.


The hope is that through increased awareness and education provided by the Foundation, impaired and troubled providers can be identified, seek help earlier and, perhaps, voluntarily enroll in the Well Being Program before any disciplinary action is taken.


In 2014 the Dental Well Being Foundation enhanced its mission to focus on wellness while still providing proven assistance with recovery and treatment issues. The Foundation has created this website to be a central hub where education and resources can be shared that addresses the wellness needs of providers, their staff and families.

Resources may range from weight loss and nutrition, to ergonomics, to stress management and counseling services. Augmenting these resources will be events and exposure opportunities that make wellness a desired benefit of MDA membership. We welcome your input to make this site beneficial to you. 

Learn more about the efforts of the DWBF by reading our recent Annual Report


Dental Well Being Foundation Board Members (established by the Missouri Dental Association)



  • Dr. Michael C. Frede, Chair

  • Dr. JC Standlee, Vice-Chair

  • Dr. Stephen Matthews, Secretary/Treasurer


  • Dr. Philip Batson

  • Dr. John Dane

  • Dr. Christy Hager 

  • Dr. Robert Tait 

  • Dr. Mack Taylor

  • Susan Bear, RDH

  • Sharlene Rimiller



  • Paul Roberts, Foundation Director (non-voting) 

  • Vicki Wilbers, MDA Executive Director (non-voting

  • Rebecca Mowen, Program Administrator (non-voting)


Rebecca Mowen


Rebecca Mowen



Office 314-571-6284 

Cell 314-435-1101

Email wellbeing@modental.org


Paul Roberts



Office 573-634-3436 

Email paul@modentalmail.org

The DWBF is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation created by the Missouri Dental Association.

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